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A proven process for charting the way forward.

From a systemized process comes one-of-a-kind solutions. That's how we describe our methodology - a process that follows a comprehensive, step-by-step sequence, but that ultimately generates the personalized, custom-tailored solutions that strives to set each client apart.

  • Engage in discovery by asking questions to learn about you, what’s important to you, and what you want your money to help you accomplish. For example:
    • Are you moderate in the way you live, unfamiliar with the intricacies of investing, and simply looking to take care of
      your family?
    • Or are you seeking the personal freedom investing can provide, without having to get in the weeds with investment
      and wealth management processes?
    • Or are you downright confused by investing and seeking an advisor you can trust to do the right thing?
    • Do you place a high priority on confidentiality, and privacy?

In every case, Starkey Financial Partners can be of service to you.

  • Develop a personalized strategy and investment plan. This is the roadmap on which we and you will agree. It’s a framework, but it’s not set in stone—since life/family events and market conditions can change over time, requiring alterations in financial plans and investment positions.

  • Execute and track the plan by putting our years of experience and advanced technology to work for you. Keep in mind, a plan isn’t worth much if we don’t track the progress of the plan.

  • Give you access to our extensive network. We are an independent firm, but have alignments with Private Advisor Group (PAG), LPL Financial, and other specialists in their fields - all of whom we'll coordinate and work with on your behalf."