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4 Keys to Financial Resilience

What does wealth mean to you?

When it comes to their wealth and legacy, affluent families have a broad range of concerns that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Can they maintain their lifestyles, even in retirement? Can they protect themselves and their assets from catastrophic loss? Can they provide for their loved ones’ educations? Can they afford the costs of unforeseen health problems? Can they give back to the causes they champion? Will they and their loved ones be okay? What are they missing that could hurt them?

Our four-pronged approach to financial resilience creates structure that comprehensively addresses these concerns. Underpinning each framework are overarching questions we ask of each client: Why are we here? What matters most to you?

In this guide, we will provide an overview of the four key frameworks that help structure financial resilience:

  • Wealth Enhancement: How to make your money work as hard as it can by controlling what we can, when we can.

  • Wealth Protection: How to gain confidence that you, your family, and your legacy can weather any coming storms.

  • Wealth Transfer: How to facilitate a smooth and tax-efficient transfer of your assets to your family or other beneficiaries – and avoid pitfalls that could undermine your plans.

  • Charitable Giving: How to fulfill your personal philanthropic mission and ensure your wealth leaves a legacy of good.

We invite you to download the guide to learn more about how, with this four-pronged foundation solidly in place, we help individuals and families become financially resilient.